Hand Sanitiser 100ml ON-THE-GO

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Please note, our Health, Sanitation and Safety products are going fast!  Prices from our suppliers are changing according to demand.  

We encourage everyone to stay safe and follow the WHO guidelines during these difficult times!


Kill 99.99% Germs - Antiseptic Rinse-free | Quickly Dry |  Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial Alcohol Sterilization Hand Disinfection Gel

Comes in a convenient 100ml dispenser, for ON-THE-GO busy people.  It's a must-have product to give out to family, friends, staff & clients to ensure you stay safe with health & safety requirements.

           75% Alcohol, Water

Antiseptic and Basic cleaning hands without water, ON-THE-GO anytime and anywhere,with a refreshing and non-sticky light fragrance.

Product name:
Rinse-Free 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 100ml Gel
Hand Sterilisation/Wash
Sterilization, Antibacterial - disinfecting and degerming, keeping the family's health safe
Hand Cleansing/Moisturising
Active ingredients:
Ethanol 75%, Water 23.985%, Poly(acrylic acid) 0.5%, 2,2',2"-nitrilotriethanol 0.5%, Disodium dihydrogen ethylenediaminetetraacetate 0.015%
Transparent Liquid
Shelf life:
5 years expires 2025